Looking At How Payza Scam Protection Team Protects Users

Payza is an online payment platform through which you can send and receive money and accept payments from customers if you run an online business. Payza provides maximum online transaction security. But still, there are scams that you should be aware of while making any type of online payments. Payza scams prevention aims to help users recognize and avoid scams.

Aspects Of Security

Cyber criminals use various strategies to hack and steal information. The three main areas of security that online businesses need to look at are:

  1. Technical: This requires the use of anti-virus, screen locks, SSL encryption and storing data in a secure environment. De facto practice is to use layers of security to keep sensitive data safe from cyber criminals.
  2. Physical: It is important to protect against physical access to your computer or mobile devices. Use strong passwords for all your devices and accounts.
  3. Personnel: If you run a business, then your staff should be trained in cyber security and sensitive data should be made accessible only to those who need it.

Phishing Emails

Payza scam protection team warns that the most common scams used by fraudsters are phishing emails and phishing sites. Fraudsters send an email claiming to be from Payza and ask for your account details. One should immediately know that this is a scam as Payza never asks for account details via email. Phishing websites mimic the real Payza website in appearance. When unsuspecting users enter their login information, it is recorded and then misused. Always check the URL address for ‘https’ before you log in.

You can safeguard against online fraudsters by following a few guidelines. Always use a strong password for your Payza account and change it often. Use internet security software and keep it updated. Never ever click on a suspicious link.

Reporting Scams

Reporting Payza scam is easy and doing so helps to make the internet safer for everybody. You can go to the Payza Support page and submit a ticket. You can also visit Payza Customer support directly to report a scam. There is also a Live Chat feature that you can use to chat live with a support advisor. Payza Scam Protection team works diligently to eliminate scams and protect its users.

Payza Fraud Prevention

Payza’s security and fraud prevention team was setup to prevent frauds before they start. Payza follows a strict KYC policy and every new member is verified to confirm his identity and bank account details are also validated. All merchant websites are screened through in-depth website reviews. Payza uses 128-bit SSL encryption to filter all its transactions. This keeps personal and financial data secure. Payza’s fraud-matrix adapts to new suspicious patterns that fraudsters use and immediately identifies and flags suspicious activity.


Is Your Payment Process Safe Enough?

I recently came across Payza, an online payment platform which allows registered users to transfer money internationally. This is very interesting especially for many freelancers working for international clients. It gives them an opportunity to receive their payments easily and quickly. However as with any online payment platform, it is very important to ensure that user accounts are kept secure and no loophole is left open for hackers and other cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to data or payments.

How Safe Is Payza?

In order to answer this question we need to take a look at Payza’s security and fraud prevention mechanism. As cybercriminals are always finding new ways to hack into systems, it is important to keep data provided by members safe and secure.

Source: Payza.com
Source: Payza

Payza Security

Payza’s security and fraud prevention is designed to avoid problems before they start. The most common cause of hacked accounts is a password that is too easy to guess. Payza requires users to login using a strong password. It is also a good practise to not use the same password for multiple accounts and to frequently change your passwords.

The next level of security comes in every time you do a transaction wherein you have to enter a security pin. This means you need to enter the pin in order to do any financial transfers. All transactions are encrypted using SSL.

Payza’s FraudMatrix

Payza has a proprietary Fraud Matrix that is used to detect any suspicious activity. It’s Fraud matrix learns and adapts to suspicious patterns that are typically used by cybercriminals. It immediately reports any suspicious activity so that action can be taken before a security incident occurs.

Src: Android Headlines
Src: Android Headlines

In case users suspect a fraud or online scam, Payza recommends its users to file a report as soon as possible. Especially if users receive a suspicious email claiming to be from Payza and asking for any personal details. This technique, known as Phishing is one of the most popular methods used by cybercriminals to gain access to unauthorized data. Users can contact Payza’s customer support in case their account has been locked or restricted, or if they notice a suspicious transaction or any other account activity not initiated by them.
Payza’s security and fraud prevention also uses a KYC policy wherein new members are checked for their identity and their banking and credit card information is validated. Websites using Payza Payment Checkout Buttons are screened via in-depth website reviews to make sure that merchants are in compliance with Payza’s procedures and standards.