Learn How to Save Money

While everybody makes big plans including new year resolutions for saving money, very few are able to actually save as per their set targets. Sooner or later we encounter unforeseen expenses and our saving plans go haywire. Here are a few simple tips on how to save money:

Cash Over Credit
Credit card definitely has its benefits. Today most shops and service providers across the globe accept it as a mode of payment. While traveling, it is much more convenient to carry the credit card rather than wads of cash and it also helps in making emergency payments. However, the fact is when you are shopping with a credit card you lose track of the amount of money spent. Paying with cash, on the other hand, helps you set an upper limit and you do not end up making unnecessary purchases. Trying to use cash more often than the card is one of the easiest money saving techniques. Next time you go to your favorite store, try keeping the credit card at home and see the difference it makes to the bill.

Shop Smart
Rather than indulging in impulsive shopping, if you plan and organize your shopping you will be in a better position to leverage discounts, sales, and coupons. Before making big purchases do some research online to determine which providers offer the best rates. Sometimes it might be worth delaying a purchase to enjoy a better rate.

Cook at Home
When you eat home cooked food not only are you saving money but also eating healthy. For most people, dining out is one of the biggest buckets for household expenditure. If it is not feasible for you to cook every day, you can cook in bulk and store in the freezer.

Curtail Unnecessary Expenses
A little bit of diligence can go a long way in cutting down on unnecessary expenses. The electricity bill is a good example of how some good habits can greatly cut down your consumption and thus how much you pay. Similarly, discontinue any service subscriptions that you don’t really use. You can optimize phone bills by signing up for family packs. The list is endless and there are a lot of money saving opportunities here.


Is Your Payment Process Safe Enough?

I recently came across Payza, an online payment platform which allows registered users to transfer money internationally. This is very interesting especially for many freelancers working for international clients. It gives them an opportunity to receive their payments easily and quickly. However as with any online payment platform, it is very important to ensure that user accounts are kept secure and no loophole is left open for hackers and other cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to data or payments.

How Safe Is Payza?

In order to answer this question we need to take a look at Payza’s security and fraud prevention mechanism. As cybercriminals are always finding new ways to hack into systems, it is important to keep data provided by members safe and secure.

Source: Payza.com
Source: Payza

Payza Security

Payza’s security and fraud prevention is designed to avoid problems before they start. The most common cause of hacked accounts is a password that is too easy to guess. Payza requires users to login using a strong password. It is also a good practise to not use the same password for multiple accounts and to frequently change your passwords.

The next level of security comes in every time you do a transaction wherein you have to enter a security pin. This means you need to enter the pin in order to do any financial transfers. All transactions are encrypted using SSL.

Payza’s FraudMatrix

Payza has a proprietary Fraud Matrix that is used to detect any suspicious activity. It’s Fraud matrix learns and adapts to suspicious patterns that are typically used by cybercriminals. It immediately reports any suspicious activity so that action can be taken before a security incident occurs.

Src: Android Headlines
Src: Android Headlines

In case users suspect a fraud or online scam, Payza recommends its users to file a report as soon as possible. Especially if users receive a suspicious email claiming to be from Payza and asking for any personal details. This technique, known as Phishing is one of the most popular methods used by cybercriminals to gain access to unauthorized data. Users can contact Payza’s customer support in case their account has been locked or restricted, or if they notice a suspicious transaction or any other account activity not initiated by them.
Payza’s security and fraud prevention also uses a KYC policy wherein new members are checked for their identity and their banking and credit card information is validated. Websites using Payza Payment Checkout Buttons are screened via in-depth website reviews to make sure that merchants are in compliance with Payza’s procedures and standards.

Keep You Credit And Debit Cards Safe From Fraudsters

As more and more business is being done online via E-commerce, Credit and debit cards have emerged as the most popular methods for making online payments. However, there have also been an increasing number of frauds related to Credit and Debit cards. Payment processor Payza fraud alert system reports according to one statistics at least 30% of online Credit and Debit card users have been victims of fraud.

Risks of Credit and Debit Cards
Many sites offer to save your credit and debit card information. It is very important that this information is saved in a secure way using encryption. If this data is compromised it can be easily used for malicious purposes. Cyber criminals use techniques such as Phishing to gain access to your sensitive information. They typically get in touch with unsuspecting users via email, phone or post. Stolen Credit card numbers usually end up in “Carding” shops which are a marketplace for stolen cards.



As the use of contact-less credit card increases, radio frequency scanners are being used to steal credit card numbers. All that a thief needs to do is bring the scanning device within close range of your credit card and he can hijack the requisite information.

Another technique used by a fraudster is “skimming”. The thief uses a physical scanner to read the information on your credit card. Usually, skimming devices are attached to ATMs and other places where a card is swiped.

Securing Credit Card Information
As there are several methods a fraudster can use to obtain your credit card information, it is best to follow guidelines to avoid a fraud. Some guidelines posted by Payza support are listed here.

Never share your Credit or Debit card information on phone or email. Payza fraud alerts have reported this as the most common way used by fraudsters to gain access to your information. If your card is RFID-equipped then get an RFID-blocking wallet to keep your card details safe. Look out for card scanning devices at stores and ATMs, especially ATMs at public places. As far as possible avoid storing credit card information on websites. Make it a habit of monitoring your bank statements regularly so that in case there is any suspicious activity it can be caught early.


Payza has also come up with a Payza Prepaid card that is safer than a Credit or Debit card. Registered users can use their Prepaid cards at ATMs, in stores and online just like normal Credit cards but without the associated risks.

Bollywood Biggies Clash Over The Independence Day Weekend

As always, this Independence day weekend was an exciting time for Bollywood fans. Every year some of the biggest makers in Bollywood time their movies to release on this day. This year too, two major Bollywood films – Rustom and Mohenjo Daro released on the same day making it tough for fans to choose which one to watch. As for me, it was easy – I just watched both of them back to back. Nothing like a Bollywood movie fiesta to make an Independence day weekend memorable!


I have always been a big fan of both Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar more so after watching one of his best Bollywood films – Airlift, which is based on the true story of India’s largest evacuation exercise in history. His Rustom too is based on a real life incident and as always Akshay Kumar comes across as a very sincere actor breathing life into every role he takes up. Rustom is based on a murder case involving a Navy office. A low budget film, it wins you over with its storyline that always keeps you on the edge of your seats. It also has some patriotic flavors.

Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro, on the other hand, is a period Bollywood film complete with sets and costumes that belong to another era. The film has lavish sets and most of them were decorated with ancient writings and motifs to create the Indus valley civilization look. The costumes also look good and the script is superb. Hrithik looks like amazing and apparently he underwent special training to build the perfect physique for the film.


The first three days, Mohenjo Daro collected about 30 crores with 30 – 35% occupancy in most theaters while Rustom collected 14 crores and 50% occupancy. Rustom is listed among the top five openers of 2015, a big feat for a Bollywood film made on a small budget. So this time round it appears that Akshay Kumar’s magic has worked better than Hrithik Roshan’s good looks.

I enjoyed watching both movies. But if you must pick one, then go for Rustom. If you liked Akshay Kumar’s Airlift then you are sure to like Rustom too.