Key Marketing Strategies That Are A Must To Follow In 2017 And Beyond!

There are so many ways in which you can market your products, but what must be kept in mind is the latest in marketing trends through which you can access customers faster. Now what is the hottest marketing trend are live video adverts, mobile friendly websites, voice search compatibility and much more.

What Marketing Strategies Should You Follow In 2017?

When you send a regular video advert, one that is already recorded and edited, what people see is a packaged advertisement. However, when the same thing is done live, the excitement is a whole lot more. First of all, you are talking about the product in real time. Responses pour in instantly and you can reply to them right away, after the advert. The live video can play in your various social media pages and website, which will bring huge interest in your brand.

Another trend that is very much in is taking the assistance of a very popular personality to promote your product or service. They have very good credibility so when they are asked to promote something, the results is very good. Product sales happens faster than what you get from a regular newspaper advert. They also have the power to talk convincingly about your product like no one else, which makes way for effective results.

When promoting your product or service through content, check out you can do this interactively. Ask questions, put up surveys, quizzes alongside the promotional content so that people find reading it enjoyable, instead of having to go through passages of just information. Make the lines of each paragraph interesting with short sentences that get people to think about the product that is being promoted and consider it as something useful in their daily life.

Enable the chat service in your website and social media pages. People love to interact with your staff when they see them online. It can be a simple question or a query that addresses a problem. Whatever be the situation, the chat box shows that you are available for conversation and that your staff is ready to assist them and take care of their need, which in turn reinforces brand trust and loyalty.

Today a lot of people are finding information on the internet using mobile devices, so make sure to implement features through which your website can be easily viewed on Smartphone, Tablets etc. Payza in 2017 has implemented all the major marketing trends and as a result is able to see an increase in customer base and sales figures, not only in 2017 but far beyond.


Utilities of Digital Payments

With the demonetization in India, greater emphasis is being made on the use of the digital payments. They have greater efficiency and thought to be a more convenient option for the users.

They are in fact having a great part in increasing business opportunities for several companies that deal in digital transactions. It is expected to present an era of “payment of things,” as it is going to be used more over the coming years.

What Are the Advantages That Are Expected?

There are many advantages that you can expect the online payments system. Let us discuss all the advantages of e-commerce payment systems one by one.

More and More Payments

The first digital evolution of payments was the internet. Now that has shifted to the mobile phones. The concept is expanding to every connected device. Now we are also being forwarded to make payments with some of the smart watches.

Emergence of New Business

The devices able to make the payments autonomously there are going to be a digital transformation of the banks. Online banking systems are going to prevail in the lives of the customers. It is also going to change the consumption and spending pattern of the people. These are going to boost purchasing make the process more efficient.

Implications for the Financial Services Industry

The electronic payment methods are going to have several payment touch points. They are going to give the merchants a better insight about the kinds of transactions they prefer to make. This is a leading way to understand the customer behavior.

From the perspective of the customers, they will find the ease of payment for the recurrent purchases they make. But the companies have to make sure that the systems are safe and secure and do not lead to any breaches of security.

Security Issues

Most people find it difficult to rely on the e-payment market. This is because they require giving in a lot of the personal information. People think that any leakage or distortion in the information can be harmful to their image. The online systems assure that none of the information of the clients is revealed to anyone under any circumstances. They are protected against security breaches.

The digital payment systems are a complex system. The mobile wallets thus play a crucial role in the system. They have in fact tied up with the banking systems. Even the wearable systems are also being taken into consideration for the increasing the digital process.

Understanding The Impact Of India’s New GST On Service Providers

Launched from July 1, 2017, the Goods and Service tax or the GST is said to be the biggest tax reform in the history of India. This new tax is a deviation from the current varying taxes that are applied to goods and various services in the country. It is being said by economic experts that the GST will simplify the tax structure thus making it easier to do business and also ensure greater compliance to tax rules.

Four Slabs Of GST Rates

Under the GST, there will be four slabs of GST rates applicable for services. This includes different services such as business services, travel services, financial services and the hotel industry.

The four slabs comprise of 5 %, 12 %, 18 % and 28 % tax that is to be applied. This is similar to the tax structure for goods. Services contribute to more than half of India’s earnings and it is being said that the move might create an adverse impact on the service industry. However, there are certain services and certain bands of services that are exempt from tax. For example, education and healthcare are exempt from GST. This move is being hailed as a very populist move by the general public and is a step in the right direction.

However, the hotel industry is reeling under higher tax rates. Luxury services such as business travel will attract higher tax rates. Financial services under GST will be taxed at 18 %. Five star hotels are the most impacted as they are in the highest slab of 28%. This is likely to have a big impact on their business.

As the telecom industry is being taxed at 18%, you can expect you phone bills to rise up. Services offered by banks are also likely to become more expensive. Recent years have seen a huge surge in domestic air travel. However, as tax on air tickets has gone up, this might have an impact on air travel.

Interestingly, e-commerce businesses will be taxed at a very nominal figure of 1%. The good news is that buying a car will now be cheaper now. Home appliances are also likely to get cheaper under the new GST regime. Freelancers will now be taxed as service providers and they will be able to easily file their taxes online using the GST portal.

Hence, while GST is being promised as a one nation, one tax initiative, it is likely to have different impact on different types of services. There is certain confusion regarding the various rates to be applied as per the four slabs of GST rates. However, it is expected that gradually this will give way to clarity and overall system that benefits the common man.

Looking At How Payza Scam Protection Team Protects Users

Payza is an online payment platform through which you can send and receive money and accept payments from customers if you run an online business. Payza provides maximum online transaction security. But still, there are scams that you should be aware of while making any type of online payments. Payza scams prevention aims to help users recognize and avoid scams.

Aspects Of Security

Cyber criminals use various strategies to hack and steal information. The three main areas of security that online businesses need to look at are:

  1. Technical: This requires the use of anti-virus, screen locks, SSL encryption and storing data in a secure environment. De facto practice is to use layers of security to keep sensitive data safe from cyber criminals.
  2. Physical: It is important to protect against physical access to your computer or mobile devices. Use strong passwords for all your devices and accounts.
  3. Personnel: If you run a business, then your staff should be trained in cyber security and sensitive data should be made accessible only to those who need it.

Phishing Emails

Payza scam protection team warns that the most common scams used by fraudsters are phishing emails and phishing sites. Fraudsters send an email claiming to be from Payza and ask for your account details. One should immediately know that this is a scam as Payza never asks for account details via email. Phishing websites mimic the real Payza website in appearance. When unsuspecting users enter their login information, it is recorded and then misused. Always check the URL address for ‘https’ before you log in.

You can safeguard against online fraudsters by following a few guidelines. Always use a strong password for your Payza account and change it often. Use internet security software and keep it updated. Never ever click on a suspicious link.

Reporting Scams

Reporting Payza scam is easy and doing so helps to make the internet safer for everybody. You can go to the Payza Support page and submit a ticket. You can also visit Payza Customer support directly to report a scam. There is also a Live Chat feature that you can use to chat live with a support advisor. Payza Scam Protection team works diligently to eliminate scams and protect its users.

Payza Fraud Prevention

Payza’s security and fraud prevention team was setup to prevent frauds before they start. Payza follows a strict KYC policy and every new member is verified to confirm his identity and bank account details are also validated. All merchant websites are screened through in-depth website reviews. Payza uses 128-bit SSL encryption to filter all its transactions. This keeps personal and financial data secure. Payza’s fraud-matrix adapts to new suspicious patterns that fraudsters use and immediately identifies and flags suspicious activity.

India’s Rapid Rise In The Ecommerce World

For a nation to be an eCommerce superpower it needs internet penetration and technology. Industry analysts say that factors affecting growth of eCommerce are rapid rise in internet use, tech savvy population and a rising uptake of mobile phones. Today, India is the world’s fastest growing smartphone market. Due to competition, data plans are cheap and India is also one of the world’s cheapest places to use the mobile internet.

Large Youth Population

There are various trends behind India’s high potential for growth in eCommerce in the next two decades. India is the world’s biggest consumer of mobile phones. With 3G and 4G plans offered at affordable prices, India is expected to see more mobile shopping. The recent introduction of Reliance Jio has caused massive disruption and is expected to further bring down prices of internet and data plans. India has the largest youth population. 70% of its population is under the age of 35 and this group is familiar with mobile and digital technologies. They are keen to participate in the online economy. These tech savvy young people shopping via smartphones are responsible for India’s increasing online spend.

The global eCommerce market is expected to reach USD 63.7 million by 2020. This will open up enormous opportunities for companies who sell online. Recently, Worldpay analysed 30 global markets including India and has said that much of India’s eCommerce growth is the result of rising internet penetration. It reaches about 350 million people currently and is expected to double by 2020. Huge uptake of mobile phones is one of the major factors driving eCommerce growth in India.

Mobile Payment Methods

Transfers and cash on delivery dominate the online payment scope with 27% of the market preferring bank transfers and 22% preferring cash on delivery. As the country’s payment infrastructure develops new methods could rise in popularity. Surprisingly, only 8% of online shoppers use e-wallets currently and the mobile wallet market is expected to reach $5.1 billion in 2020.

India is in the early stages of its eCommerce transformation and many people do not feel comfortable with online payments and mobile payment methods. Hence, in order to position their business for success merchants must recognise India’s potential for eCommerce growth and payment preferences. Leading eCommerce vendors like Amazon and Alibaba have already indicated their interest and are offering incentives for merchants so as to gain a foothold within India’s eCommerce market.

Learn How to Save Money

While everybody makes big plans including new year resolutions for saving money, very few are able to actually save as per their set targets. Sooner or later we encounter unforeseen expenses and our saving plans go haywire. Here are a few simple tips on how to save money:

Cash Over Credit
Credit card definitely has its benefits. Today most shops and service providers across the globe accept it as a mode of payment. While traveling, it is much more convenient to carry the credit card rather than wads of cash and it also helps in making emergency payments. However, the fact is when you are shopping with a credit card you lose track of the amount of money spent. Paying with cash, on the other hand, helps you set an upper limit and you do not end up making unnecessary purchases. Trying to use cash more often than the card is one of the easiest money saving techniques. Next time you go to your favorite store, try keeping the credit card at home and see the difference it makes to the bill.

Shop Smart
Rather than indulging in impulsive shopping, if you plan and organize your shopping you will be in a better position to leverage discounts, sales, and coupons. Before making big purchases do some research online to determine which providers offer the best rates. Sometimes it might be worth delaying a purchase to enjoy a better rate.

Cook At Home
When you eat home cooked food not only are you saving money but also eating healthy. For most people, dining out is one of the biggest buckets for household expenditure. If it is not feasible for you to cook every day, you can cook in bulk and store in the freezer.

Curtail Unnecessary Expenses
A little bit of diligence can go a long way in cutting down on unnecessary expenses. The electricity bill is a good example of how some good habits can greatly cut down your consumption and thus how much you pay. Similarly, discontinue any service subscriptions that you don’t really use. You can optimize phone bills by signing up for family packs. The list is endless and there are a lot of money saving opportunities here.

Payza Fraud Prevention Is Aimed at Curbing Money Laundering

Today due to massive developments in communication and technology, money can be transmitted across the globe with speed and ease. While this is a big boon to businesses, it has also brought to light the need to tackle the problem of money laundering. The process of using money obtained from crimes like drug trafficking, terrorist activities and other illegal means as money from legitimate sources in the financial system is called money laundering. UNODC estimates that roughly 2 to 5 % of global GDP is laundered every year – this amounts to US dollars 800 billion to 2 trillion!

Implications for Financial Platforms

While money laundering often happens in financial institutions. The Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2020 mandates the investigation of money laundering offenses in India. Private banks, public sector banks and insurance companies have started sting operations to discover money laundering. The recent rise in other means to transfer payments means that online payment processing platforms too need to watch out for money laundering.

How Is Laundering Done?

Money laundering is usually done by the physical disposal of bulk cash obtained from illegal activities. Sometimes, a complex layer of financial transactions is created to separate illegal money from its source. This is done to disguise the true source of money. The money is then put into regular financial systems via drafts or deposits. Sometimes companies are created on paper and money is moved via fake bills and invoices. This laundered money then flows through the economy as normal business money.


There are a number of steps which can be followed to detect and prevent money laundering. In India, financial institutions are required to follow KYC guidelines and a PAN number is asked for every financial transaction.

As a consumer, you can also do your bit. Make it a point to close any dormant accounts as they can be easily misused. Also be cautious while allowing others to use your bank accounts for transferring money especially from outside the country.

Payza Anti-money Laundering

Payment processor Payza uses a variety of tools and techniques to fight fraud. This includes account verification, encryption, and the Payza fraud prevention matrix. The fraud matrix is Payza’s proprietary tool that monitors online behavior in real time and looks for patterns typically used by fraudsters and cyber criminals. Payza fraud matrix is frequently upgraded as cyber criminals are quick to come up with new means of committing frauds.